At this year’s Advertizing Expo Goran Pic Ltd released a new marketing product, LogopicTM, that is ingeniously practical and carries an enormous advertising potential.
SignCafe Magazine (issue 11/2006)

A super-cute marriage of design and practicality. It gives a new meaning to an old saying: to be in your mind, one has to first be in your sight…
dipl. eng. Mihailov, Sofia, Bulgaria

Thanks for finding a new solution to an age-old problem…
Petrova, Financial Analyst
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Smart and simple – as are all brilliant ideas. I never cease to be surprised by Logopic’s all-pervasive user friendliness.
Ivan Dimitrov, IT Expert, Seattle, USA

For me it was love at first sight. Now I’m wondering where I kept all those loose notes before. My life has become more orderly, and I sleep better at night since I laid my hands on a LogopicTM.
Michelle Dobois, College Student, Paris.